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      HeartIn Uk Ltd and its parent company HeartIn Inc are committed to improving heart health and those affected by cardiovascular disease.Designed with peoples, doctors and healthcare systems needs in mind the HeartIn System aims to provide people and their cardiology team with a new and more attractive experience. Offering flexible continuous remote monitoring, rapid and accurate diagnosis, faster treatment with the convenience and comfort of simply wearing a t-shirt.
      HeartIn Fit is also available in the UK for personal use.

      Our technology is changing how we use recorders to detect and monitor heart arrhythmias


      Holter monitors

      Limited to 24-72 hours recording.Requires patient visits for data download and data interpretation.Low detection yield may require further installations.


      Patch monitors

      Limited to 14 days recording.Requires patient to return the device for data download and data interpretation.No detection during 14days may require further installations.


      Implantable Loops

      Requires surgical fitting.Provides recording for up to 3 years.Multiple systems required to store and transfer data for interpretation.High cost of purchasing, fitting and on-going clinical management.

      HeartIn provides continuous real-time detection and monitoring of arrhythmias in one installation 

      Offering clear advantages over recorder and monitoring devices

      • T-shirt alternative to traditional electrodes

        ● All the features of electrode devices but with the convenience of a t-shirt.● No sticky irritating electrodes.● The electrodes are woven into the fabric and precisely located for comfort and optimal conductivity.● Better tolerated with higher compliance.● Multiple sizes available.● Machine washable.

      • Miniature ECG and data transmitter

        ● Miniature ECG recorder and transmitter that attaches firmly to the t-shirt.● A range of lead versions available.● Records and transmits ECG and heart rate data continuously.● Wirelessly transmits data to the patient app.● Rechargeable. 

      • Patient app

        ● Runs with iOS and Android devices.● Uploads real-time data transmission to the HeartIn cloud platform for diagnosis and follow-up by cardiology team.● Enables self-monitoring and symptom recording.

      • Intelligent AI platform

        ● Real-time ECG and heart data analysis.● Remote clinical decision support.● Earlier clinical intervention.● Enables digital consultation.● Accessible from any computer or mobile device.


      Designed with people in mind  


      Flexible installation

      Patient can receive their HeartIn System at the end of their consultation or by courier or post to their home or workplace.


      Easy set-up

      Patients can fit the HeartIn System themselves at home or where ever they maybe.



      Patients have their own app to monitor their heart health and record symptoms which automatically transmits to the HeartIn cloud platform.

      Meeting doctors needs


      Flexible monitoring

      Single system to continuously record and detect arrhythmia's over short and long periods.


      Intelligent AI platform

      The cardiac team access the HeartIn cloud platform to diagnose and monitor patients remotely. Enabling faster communication between general practitioners and cardiac teams.


      Real-time data

      Rapid access to patient data enables better management, earlier intervention and reduces time to treatment.

      Meeting health system needs and priorities


      Remote cardiac assessment and care

      Suitable for primary care organisations and hospitals wanting to shift services out of hospital. Reduces the need for doctor and cardiac unit visits. Enables digital consultation for faster and more convenient follow up. 


      Improved decision making

      Real-time data analytics support earlier patient intervention. Helping to avoid potential complications and reducing the impact on emergency room attendances and numbers of unplanned visits.


      Safer care post Covid19

      Reduced patient travel and interactions with healthcare organisations reduces the risk of viral infection and transmission.

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      HeartIn Fit

      Medical grade ECG monitoring with additional workout features 

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      Take a look at our best collection of beautiful flowers

      Washable -shirt with built in electrodes

      ECG attaches to t-shirt

      App for Mobile: HR, Stress/Fatigue level/Cardio Vascular screening

      Know your heart health 

      The smart ECG t-shirt that monitors your health health. 

      Wether you are exercising gently or training to achieve personal fitness goals.Or if you are person with known heart arrhythmia's or is caring for one who does.Or maybe you are simply interested in monitoring your heart.
      You can purchase your own HeartIn System today. Delivered to your door with easy set-up instructions.

      Understand your own ECG and heart rate  

      Help you better understand your own ECG and heart rate. How its changes during exercise and stress. Let you set realistic physical activity targets.

      Customise your training 

      Knowing your heart performance before, during and after your training session will help you plan when to start and when to rest. So you can train with a maximum utility and minimise harming your heart

      Review your performance 

      Record your history so you can continue to improve your performance. Share your data with healthcare professionals, coaches or partners.

      Frequently asked questions

      • How to choose the size of the t-shirt?

        After you press the “ORDER” button and we receive your payment, you will receive a form with advice on how to choose the correct size. The HeartIn t-shirt is not like a regular t-shirt so please follow the sizing advice to ensure we send you the correct size.

      • How tight does the shirt need to be to record a good reading?

        The t-shirt needs to fit snuggly and comfortably around the chest and upper back areas. The bicep area of the t-shirt, where the ECG module clips on, needs to fit well so that there is constant skin contact to record your heart rhythms.

      • Can I wash the t-shirt?

        Yes you can. It is both hand and machine washable on a <30 degrees synthetics wash cycle. We recommend you wash the t-shirt inside out and place in a wash bag to prevent machine damage. The t-shirt has been tested for up to 150 machine washes.

      • Is the ECG module waterproof?

        No it isn't therefore it should be removed from the t-shirt should you wish to wash the t-shirt.

      • Do I have to recharge the ECG Module?

        Yes, and you will receive a charging cable to connect with a USB port. Charging takes minutes with a full charge lasting approximately 12 hours.

      • Where do I find the HeartIn App?

        You will receive instruction on how to download and register yourself on the App. Once you have registered with an email address and password you are ready to pair your App to the HeartIn ECG module.
        The HeartIn App is available on Apple App Store.

      • How do I connect the ECG module to the App?

        First you will need to switch on your mobile phones bluetooth function. Next you need to pair your mobile phone with the ECG module. You usually need to do this just one as your phone usually remembers and connects automatically next time.

      • Do I have to have my phone with me when I am wearing the t-shirt and ECG module?

        Yes, because the rhythm data is transmitted from the ECG module to your phone via bluetooth. Therefore we advise you place your phone in bluetooth range of the ECG module. Your phone may perform better with a longer bluetooth range but as a guide most phones have a range of between 2-3 meters.

      • What is the difference between 1 lead and 12 lead ECG - how much more information are you going to get?

        1 lead ECG is usually sufficient to detect regular and most irregular heart rhythms. With doctors and cardiologists finding that a 1 lead ECG trace is accurate enough to screen for these. 12 lead ECGs are usually performed when one is lying down and requested when doctors want additional accuracy. 12 lead ECG will always offer a more detailed ECG trace compared to the traces generated by 1 lead ECG devices. What appears on your mobile app is a 1 Lead ECG Trace. You are welcome to share your trace with your doctor as he maybe interested to see it for himself.

      • Do I have to have my phone with me when I am wearing the t-shirt and ECG module?

        Yes, because the rhythm data is transmitted from the ECG module to your phone via bluetooth. Therefore we advise you place your phone in bluetooth range of the ECG module. Your phone may perform better with a longer bluetooth range but as a guide most phones have a range of between 2-3 meters.

      • Do you update the software in the App?

        Yes and this will happen automatically. It is important that we fix bugs and ensure you have the latest software so that we bring you the best possible experience.

      • Can I integrate with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit?

        The Healthkit integration for HeartIn is completed. Google fit is in progress.

      • Can I get HeartIn through my GP or hospital?

        No not as yet. The HeartIn System has not been fully evaluated by the NHS. We are currently working with NHS partners, cardiologists and clinical commissioning groups to ensure that in the near future the HeartIn System will be widely available on the NHS.



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